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Changing Accountants

Feel that your accountant is too busy for you?
Run through the motions every year?
Feel that you do not understand the services and fees from your accountant?
Feel that your accountant is not good value for money?

​Like moving banks or changing a utility supplier, changing your accountant may seem like a huge gamble and frightening. You may think it requires weeks of work or planning. Most people feel that making a change may result in an investigation or more tax. This is not the case.

​Establishing a new working relationship is a simple matter of picking up the phone and making a few phone calls, arrange a meeting and then just follow your instincts. It is likely you will find the right accountant who you feel comfortable with and you understand. Someone who will take the time to answer all the questions that will undoubtedly be buzzing in your head.

Simply provide us with your previous accountant's details.
We will make a formal request with your consent, for clearance and historic records.
Your records are received and our details are registered with the relevant authorities.

​If you are thinking of changing your accountant or simply want to discuss the theory of "what if", but do not know where to start, then why not give us a call at Helpatax. You will receive a free no obligation consultation.

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